6 Tips for Maintaining Your Slate Roofing

Caring for your roof is a necessary part of helping make it last a long time. Not all roofing materials require the same level of maintenance, although routine annual inspections are a great idea for any roof. Below are six tips for maintaining slate roofing Toronto and keeping it in excellent shape.

1. Have the Roof Inspected at the End of Each Winter Season

Winter can be brutal on a roof with sudden extreme dips in temperature, gusty winds, and moisture of all forms. You should have the slate roof inspected thoroughly as soon as the weather begins to turn nice in the lull between winter and spring.

2. Inspect the Roof After Severe Storms or Bouts of High Winds

Your roof can sustain damage anytime the weather gets severe. High winds and lightning can cause limbs from nearby trees to come crashing down on the surface, breaking or loosening slate tiles. Slate roofing is durable but somewhat fragile in composition.

3. Call in a Professional if You See Broken Slate Pieces on the Ground

One major warning sign you’ve sustained roof damage is to see slate tile pieces. Regularly check around the gutter downspouts and the edges of your roof for tell-tale signs of needing roof repair. Have it fixed before you end up needing water damage repair as well.

4. Keep All Trees Trimmed Back from Your Slate Roof

A slight breeze is all it takes to set a tree limb in motion. It can then hit against your slate roofing tiles and cause cracks and breaks. The better option is to keep all trees trimmed back enough to avoid this problem. Tree limb removal also keeps limbs from unexpectedly falling down on top of the surface.

5. Have the Roof Professionally Cleaned as Needed

Trying to clean the roof yourself can be dangerous and you might use the wrong cleaner. Hire professionals to clean the roof that will use care and know what chemicals are needed to make it look as good as new.

6. Never Powerwash the Surface

The stream of water from a powerwash can tear apart a slate tile on the roof. It may seem like a good idea to use a power washer to reach the roof level from the ground, but it can do major damage in a short time. Slate has to be cleaned using a brush and with a gentle scrubbing motion. Leave it to a professional service for the best results.

Keeping a roof with slate tiles in good repair ensures the surface will last a lifetime without failure.