Top 4 Kitchen Plumbing Issues

From the sink you use to rinse your dishes to the dishwasher you use to wash your dishes, your kitchen needs a reliable plumbing system to keep it running properly and smoothly. Some plumbing issues can be fixed yourself, and others will need a plumber. Listed below are the top 4 kitchen plumbing issues that you may face and how to fix them.

1. Leaky Kitchen Faucet

The most common cause for a leaky faucet in the kitchen is a corroded piece inside of the faucet itself. The three pieces that can become corroded are the gasket, O-ring, and valve seat. If one or more of these items is corroded, you will need to replace them immediately. The dripping faucet happens because the faucet cannot hold the water back when these pieces corroded. Turn off the water, close the sink drain with a cover or rag, then take the faucet apart and remove and replace the corroded pieces. Be sure to remove any mineral deposit.

2. Dishwasher Backing up Into the Sink

Having suffered from this myself for a few months until I found a fix, I understand how frustrating and smelly this particular plumbing issue can be. The solution to this particular issue will depend upon why it’s happening. If the sink is clogged try this: put a cover on the sink drain and fill the sink with cold water before you run the dishwasher. Once it’s full, remove the cover and put the garbage disposal on so it can flush out the clog. If this doesn’t work, snake the drain. You can either hire a plumber to snake your drain or purchase one.

If the garbage disposal is jammed, just remove the drain plug to fix the issue.

3. Low Water Pressure

Although a nuisance, low water pressure in the kitchen sink is common. Typically, this is from a clogged aerator. Over time mineral build up can cause a block in the aerator. To fix this, remove the aerator and clean out all debris by dipping an old toothbrush in vinegar and gently brushing the aerator until the calcium and mineral build up is removed. Replace it when you’re done.

4. Broken Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal holds the disgusting task of getting rid of all the leftovers we shove down it within seconds. Unfortunately, sometimes things go down the disposal that should like potato peels, bones, or grease. When that happens, the disposal can get clogged. If this happens, first, try resetting it through the reset button. If that doesn’t work, run cold water down the sink for 15-20 seconds before putting the disposal on and 30 seconds after. If you’re still having issues, you may need to get a plumber there to see what’s going on with it. A good source for more information is the Drain Rescue website.

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