No-Dice! 5 Things Nobody Knows that You Can’t Move!

Moving is a hassle and half before you even get to the big day, so it’s no surprise that most people don’t even think about the things that they legally can’t ask movers to haul for them from point A to point B. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with the fast facts on what makes the No-Move list.

1. Hazardous Materials

Fireworks, Explosives, Ammunition, Oh MY! You may think to yourself while packing up that as long as you unload your weapon and nobody lights your boxes on fire, that you don’t even have to mention to your movers that you want them to haul these things. However, they are actually illegal to move, and you and the moving company could face some pretty serious repercussions if anybody found out the contents of your boxes. So be nice and play it safe, don’t ask your moving company to move hazardous materials.

2. Liquids

Now of course, you aren’t going to ask your movers to haul large tubs of water across the country, but did you know there are other liquids that you legally can’t have them transport? Paint, varnish, paint thinner, corrosives, gasoline, kerosene, oil, lighter fluid, propane tanks, heavy-duty cleaning fluids and chemicals are just scratching the surface on the liquids you cannot ask your moving company to take with the rest of your stuff. Even household items like batteries, nail polish, and nail polish remover are persona non grata in the moving game. And think about it, would you want any surprise leaks to turn your beautiful sectional pea green with a new Swiss cheese texture that exposes the springs and stuffing? We didn’t think so.

3. Pressurized Containers

Remember that in the process of moving, your items may get exposed to extreme temperatures, excessive pressure, bumps, and potentially drops, so make sure that the contents of your moving boxes can stand up to the challenge. Aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks, and more make that infamous “can’t be moved” list due to risks of explosion.

4. Plants

Now of course, your prized hydrangeas aren’t going to hold up well squished in next to the college mini-fridge you keep telling yourself is going to make it to your office one day, but especially if you’re planning to leave Canada, remember that transporting plants across the nation’s borders can and will require a host of special forms, quarantine periods, and ultimately more hassle than they’re worth.

5. Perishable Items

This tip is on the house. In case this is your first move, no, you cannot take your meats and produce, frozen foods and dairy, or even your previously opened containers with your stuff in a moving truck. Since most trucks aren’t refrigerated, they will spoil, and they might leak out onto your other possessions.

So that’s it. The name of the game when it comes down to the don’ts of moving is if it leaks, explodes, corrodes, or perishes, don’t ask your movers to haul it for you. It puts them in a dangerous and awkward situation, and it could add a lot more stress to an already chaotic move. For more information, many online resources can also be found on the Matco website.

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