Introduction: The Guide to Wine Boxes

Wood has been a main staple for wineries for centuries. Vintners have used wood to impart special nuances to wine. Today, retailers know wooden wine boxes are a way of letting customers know the wines they purchase are highest quality.

For packaging purposes, wooden wine boxes give a rustic look to wine contents sold within. Most of these are made from natural wood that appeals to wine lovers.

Some wine boxes become collectors’ items. For example, some of the most decorative wooden wine boxes are found in Canada. Since Canada is lush with various types of wood, these are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) woods from places like British Columbia.

It is worthwhile to note Canada produces the majority of red wines in North America. These include Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Pinot Noir from Ontario and British Columbia. Pinot Noir is also produced in Nova Scotia.

1. How Wine Boxes are Made

Using natural woods, wine boxes are constructed wood using tongue and groove that fit wood panels together to form sides, covers and bottoms that creates the shape of the box. Hinges are added on some boxes while others have removable covers.

Some boxes may have two or more wooden slats inserted in the bottoms to create sections for multiple bottles, depending on box size and number of bottles it will contain. Usually straw is used as a cushioning agent to protect glass bottles from breakage.

To make these boxes look like small crates, short wood slats are affixed to the outside of the box.

2. Decorative Features

Many boxes have handles attached for easier opening. These handle design are quite creative. Some are made from leather or manila rope. Others may be decorative metal, have wrought iron or metal clasps. Those with clasps create the appearance of a sea worthy treasure chest. Considering the value of the wines contained inside, that is an effective decorative feature.

3. A List of Wine Box Styles and Sizes

Among the various styles and sizes of boxes that contain wines, these include:

  • Hinged for two wine bottles
  • Single with a pine inset for a 750 ml bottle of wine
  • Hinged pine lid for 750 ml single bottle of wine
  • Canadian Eastern white pine for two wine bottles, hinged with leather stays
  • Canadian Eastern white pine for three wine bottles, slatted and hinged with a leather stay
  • Champagne white pine with a sliding lid
  • Shipper boxes that can safely hold up to six bottles of wine


When choosing wine boxes made of wood, take note of the type of wood from which it is made. Wine boxes of wood with fine wines or champagne make excellent gifts. The website is a useful source of information if you require additional insights.