4 Things To Know About Disability Law

Did you know that it is illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities in employment, public accommodations, local government services, transportation, among others? If you didn’t know, now you do. Discriminating against people with disabilities is wrong because they are human beings like any other person. Why then would someone treat them differently just because they are differently-abled? The disability law came in to protect the people with disabilities after most of them complained of not being given equal opportunities as other people. Since we interact with these people daily, it is essential to know the law. Additional information is available at the www.disabilitylawyertoronto.ca website. Below are some of the things you need to know about disability law.

1. There Are Laws Against Discrimination.

It is common knowledge that people with disabilities tend to be discriminated against by most people. Discrimination is everywhere, including at the workplace, in the churches, and the law courts. The bias tends to make the disabled feel like there are inferior to other people and, in most cases, causes them to harbour a lot of fear. The good news is that there are several laws and acts to prevent discrimination and harassment of any person with a disability. You have a right to file a lawsuit if you are harassed or discriminated in any way.

2. Employment Equity Act.

There is an employment equity act that ensures that people with disabilities are given equal work opportunities as other individuals. The law requires businesses to create an environment that will enable the disabled to participate in the workplace without any limitations. The employers are even required to provide the accommodation needed by the disabled, including the technology they require to do the job well.

3. You Can Contact Discrimination Lawyers.

Any person who encounters discrimination at work or any other place has grounds to contact a lawyer. There are lawyers who specialise in disability law, and they do all they can to fight for the disabled’s rights. In case you experience emotional, physical, or economic discrimination, understand that you can pursue legal action against the prosecutor, and get justice.

4. Upcoming Disability Laws.

As much as there are laws in place, they have not been exhausted. More laws and acts are being considered to ensure that these individuals feel comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, some people, such as employers, will take advantage of the loopholes and take advantage of the situation. However, with a good lawyer and understanding of the law, there is hope for people who fight against discrimination of the disabled.

It is essential to understand the disability laws and know where to apply them. If you don’t know the law, some people will take advantage of the situation and exploit you. Ensure you educate yourself.