Beware and Buy Safe

Recent incidents and reports of the increasing presence of harmful counterfeit electrical products cause concern.  In 2012 electrical products represented 12% of all products seized by the RCMP.  Counterfeit electrical products by-pass the quality controls that ensure relevant safety standards are met to protect consumers, homeowners and their families.

These include products from five dollars to more than five thousand dollars and include electronics, electrical appliances, extension cords & power bars, and electrical components like circuit breakers, fuses, receptacles, ground fault circuit interrupters and conduit fittings. These products come from many manufacturers and are sold through many channels.

The Canadian government, manufacturers, and certification continue to work to decrease the presence of these products in the Canadian market to protect consumers. Consumers need to be well-informed, and can follow simple steps to make the best possible decision when purchasing an electrical product.

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