Electrical Safety Summit

ESFI-Canada’s 2013 Safety Summit

On October 28th 2013 more than 60 stakeholders received new insights and information, and participated in segment group discussions to identify next steps to address electrical hazards associated with counterfeit electrical products, and electrical safety in the workplace.

A Consumer Safety Session focused on the Battle Against Unsafe Electrical Counterfeit Products. Expert speakers reviewed investigations, enforcement activities, programs, and reinforced the importance of engaging all stakeholders, including consumers, in the effort to reduce the presence of harmful counterfeit electrical products in the marketplace.

An afternoon session focused on Worker Safety and critical next steps to reducing electrical workplace incidents. Expert speakers reviewed incident data, prevention initiatives, safe work programs and standards, and reinforced the importance of collaboration and leadership to reduce electrical incidents in the workplace.

Summary documentation from the 2013 Safety Summit provides an overview of presentation information and feedback from group discussions. Click here for the 2013 Safety Summit Summary Document.

To view the summary documentation from ESFI-Canada’s 2012 Safety Summit, click here.

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