Electrical Safety Outdoors

A. Plugging in Outdoors

When working outdoors pay particular attention to ensure that you are using the right extension cord in the right manner to protect yourself and your family from potential shock hazards. For 5 simple steps to protect yourself and your family. click here for 5 simple steps to protect yourself and your family

B. Stormy Weather and Electrical Safety

In the event that stormy weather strikes, homeowners should be aware of potential electrical hazards associated with flooding, downed powerlines and the use of portable generators.

C. Watch for Powerlines

Contact with power lines is a primary cause of electrocution, both on the job and at home. When working around the yard, check for and avoid contact with overhead and underground electrical powerlines and utility equipment. (click here to identify powerline hazards around your home)

Teach your children to watch out for overhead powerline at home and at play:

  • For powerline safety information, tips and interactive modules to help you identify potential powerline hazards, click here.
  • For a powerline safety video for children (The Buddy Video), click here.

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