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ESFI-Canada’s 2014 Spring Campaign Addresses a Gap in Electrical Safety

This spring ESFI is encouraging homeowners to check behind the wall and make safe and responsible decisions about their electrical system. With 38% of Canadian homeowners undertaking home renovation projects each year ESFI-Canada is interested in ensuring they include steps to assess the condition of their electrical system to ensure it is in good condition and can meet their electricity needs. more….

We asked Canadian Homeowners about electrical system safety…

As ESFI-Canada defined its 2014 strategic direction it focussed on addressing a significant gap in electrical safety. Existing data on electrical fires and documented concerns regarding electrical wiring in Canadian homes moved us to focus on encouraging homeowners to Check Behind the Wall. However, we wanted to gather consistent and current data gaps from across Canada that would help us understand homeowner behaviour and concerns associated with electrical system maintenance and upgrades. In early February we worked with Leger to gather insights from homeowners who completed a home renovation in 2013 or were planning one in 2014. Attention was given to ensuring participation by a diverse population of homeowners across 10 provinces. more….

2014 Spring Members Advancing Public Electrical Safety

ESFI-Canada is a not-for-profit national electrical safety organization focused on reducing electrically related deaths, injuries and property loss. ESFI-Canada is working to unite the efforts of many Canadian organizations with complementary safety goals and objectives. We are committed to working with our stakeholders and members to define and address those concerns that present the greatest risk to public electrical safety. more….

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