Incident Data

To report an electrical incident:

Understanding the impact of electrical incidents

Electrical incidents include:

  • electrical contact, shock and electrocution
  • accidents and fatalities
  • electrical fire accidents, fatalities and losses

Canada continues to evolve systems to establish national reporting and data tracking systems.  At this time we can share the following data.

National Fire Statistics

The Council of Canadian Fire Marshal’s and Fire commissioners produced the last available analysis of provincial and nation-wide fire loses in Canada in 2007.  This report identified the source of ignition was electrical distribution equipment in 8% of fires across Canada.  This increases to 12% of all fires where the source of ignition could be determined. (Report)

National Occupational Statistics

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada reported 15 in every 1,000 Canadians employed, or 1.5%, was injured or harmed on the job and received workers compensation as a result in 2010.  In 2008 they reported that 11.5% of those injured were employed in the electricity, gas or water industries.  However, occupational electrical incidents occur many other sectors including construction and repair and maintenance work. (Report)

Canada’s Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – statistics on electrical incidents (fatalities and loss time) for Canada by province and worker classification/segment requested.  Hi Brent – this is just a placeholder for the time being.  I am trying to get this information so that we can add this to the website.

Provincial Reports

Annual Provincial Safety Reports offer a comprehensive analysis of potential electrical shock and fire hazards. Ontario- Electrical Safety Authority “Electrical Safety Report”. (Report)

British Columbia – BC Safety Authority “State of Safety Report”. (Report)

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